New Publication – An Ancient Egyptian Case Book

Posted December 19th, 2014 by Dylan and filed in News

Copies of my new work  An Ancient Egyptian Case Book are now available.

This is A4; paperback; 350pp; and illustrated in colour throughout, at £25 + £3 P&P (until January 18th when the Post Office bring in a hefty rise in postage rates, making P&P £6).

It is intended that a direct purchasing mechanism will soon be introduced on the Buy Book(s) page on this site.

It is available at, but at a higher price owing to their margins, and poor remuneration for postage on a book of this weight and size (I think they cater for people selling paperback novels).

The Case Book comprises 14 chapters in four sections:

Section 1. Four chapters on excavation/discoveries related to the Amarna/Post-Amarna Period

The Tomb of Akhenaten and the Golden Ring of Nefertiti*

The Enigma of Tomb KV58 and the Post Amarna Period

The Mysterious Mr. Carter and the Troubling Case of the Lotus Head

KV63 and Embalming Caches

Section 2. Six chapters on Royal Mummies and their identification

Can the Niagara Falls Mummy Really be Ramesses I?*

The Question of Age at Death

The Resurrection of the Mummy of Ahmose Nefertari

Pharaoh’s Magic Wand – the history of DNA studies*

Pharaoh Salt Meat, and the Mummies of Old Kingdom Kings

The Strange Death of Unknown Man ‘E’ (with new theories)

Section 3. Three chapters of historical studies based on ancient texts

The Harem Conspiracy Against Ramesses III*

The Tomb-robbers of No-Amun (power struggles under Ramesses IX)*

Death in the Nile. The Birth of Egypt’s Last God: Antinous*

Section 4. 1 Chapter: An Entertainment

The Fury of Amun. The True Story of the Cursed Play in the Valley of the Queens.*

Several of these chapters* have been the subject of talks over the last few years.

All material has been updated to take account of recent discoveries. Chapters are written in an accessible style, but full Notes are provided for those who wish to explore further.

A special offer gives both An Ancient Egyptian Case Book and the earlier book, Identifying the Royal Mummies for £35 + £6 P&P.