Porn Attack

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Yes, this site was attacked/hacked by someone who substituted my News and Sample Writing pages with a French porn dating site. Unlikely to have generated any trade at all for them, so one must assume malice or random attack. Though graphic, the images were very low resolution, and hoping that no one was offended. Anyway, rubbish now removed but I need to restore/update content.

Refugees for Eternity

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The Heritage of Egypt

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This is a new English/Arabic publication with an Egyptian editor.

 ‘The Burial of Hatshepsut’, The Heritage of Egypt 1 (January 2008), 2-12. This article reviews all the evidence for the burial of Hatshepsut, including the recent claims for identification of the one of the mummies from tomb KV60 as the famous female pharaoh. Recent CAT scan evidence provides grounds for speculating that Hatshepsut might have had Thutmose II murdered.  

‘Pharaoh Faseekh’, The Heritage of Egypt 3 (September 2008), 12-14. This relates tales of mummies (one of them a king) passed by customs as dried fish.

 ‘The Tomb of Akhenaten and the Golden Ring of Nefertiti’, The Heritage of Egypt 6. Who was buried in the royal tomb at Amarna, and was anyone buried in the other tombs nearby? Was the desecrated mummy of Akhenaten found outside the royal tomb? What is the significance of jewellery, including a gold ring of Nefertiti, found nearby?

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