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One of the activities occupying me during the latter part of 2017 and up to the present has been a series of talks around the country, many of which required an upgrade to the visual content.

In July I presented a new talk to The Ancient World Society in Boston, Lincs: The Struggle For Britannia. This questioned why, if Britain was always a province of marginal benefit to the Romans, and was in severe decline from the early 3rd Century (the interpretation of many recent historians), why such concerted efforts were made to recover it from invasions and usurpers.
From mid September, I presented a new version of my talk on Nefertari, wife of Ramesses II (For Whom the Sun Doth Shine), at Chesterfield and Lincoln; Great Expeditions to God’s Land & Punt to the Ramasses Society, North Kent; The Egyptian Labyrinth at Taunton; ,Egypt & Rome: Empires in Parallel, in Bournemouth; Pharaoh’s Magic Wand? (on What the DNA tests on royal mummies actually told us); concluding with Separated at Birth: Egypt, Crete and the Levant in Manchester early January 2018.

The chief forthcoming event is a Day School on Royal Ladies of the New Kingdom at Plymouth on May 5th 2018. Another confirmed topic is Great Expeditions to God’s Land & Punt to the Northampton Society on December 3rd. Details of others have yet to be confirmed.

Prices have now been confirmed for my tour of Sicily, September 16 – 30th 2018. See the link from the TOURS page for details. This is a small group tour, and places are limited, so please contact me directly via if you are interested. Briefly: we fly from Heathrow, and are based in Palermo 4 nights 3*; Agrigento 3 nights 4*; Syracuse 5 nights 3*; and Palermo 2 nights 3*. Day trips (all B&B). All airport and hotel transfers, and day trips included. Sites seen at centres, during day trips and transfers ensure that all the key Greek, Roman and Norman sites, the museums, Mount Etna, some early sites, castles, and Baroque towns are included. Price: £2150pp sharing, and £2650 single. Other meals and entrance fees to sites not included. This is to allow for flexibility in visits and dining.

RECENT publications have included:

This last year I have found it necessary to frequently revisit the arguments I put forward to refute the theory of Nick Reeves that Nefertiti lies buried behind the north wall of the burial chamber in the tomb of Tutankhmun (KV62): published here as Did Tutankhamun Bury Nefertiti in KV62?; and on also as Iconic Queen Hidden By Golden Pharaoh? The reason is that, in spite of the supposedly positive scan results of the tomb wall having been shown to be nothing of the sort, and some of the supporting arguments shown to be flimsy at best, many people have developed an almost an almost religious faith in the existence of the hidden chamber/tomb. Owing to this, I decided to take the idea and (supposedly) run with it in a short wry piece entitled Tutankhamun and the Burial of Mrs King,/strong>. The original articles received considerable attention on but this new one proved much more popular still.

‘A Middle Kingdom Expedition To God’s Land & Punt’, Ancient Egypt 17.6; Issue 102, June/July 2017, 12-18.
Concerning the expedition of Henu (under Pharaoh Sankhkare Mentuhotep III), through the Wadi Hammamet and the Egyptian Eastern Desert, to launch boats to Punt, and return with precious stone for statues.

The Changing Face of KV34: The Tomb of Thutmose III
Kmt Fall 2017, 66-73.
A passage from ‘The Quest of Julian Day’ by Dennis Wheatley draws attention to the fact that access to KV34 in the 1930s was from above the cleft housing the tomb. Inside were no hand-rails, flooring or lighting. The access made by Loret was still more hair-raising. Other changes are noted. Sadly many of the historic pictures did not make it to the final publication.

Loret’s Last Triumph: KV38, The Tomb of Aakheperkare Thutmose I
Kmt Winter 2017/18, 36-42.
The discovery and clearance of the tomb is described in detail using Loret’s original notes, translated from the French.

See the BUY BOOKS page for basic details of An Ancient Egyptian Case Book. The fourteen Case Studies gathered together here examine the evidence behind a range of theories and discoveries. Four cases comprising the Deductions From Discovery section look at the evidence behind four excavations of Amarna Period Material: The Tomb of Akhenaten and The Golden Ring of Nefertiti; The Enigma of KV58; The Mysterious Mr Carter and the Troubling Case of the Lotus Head; KV63, Embalming Caches, and the Clues to Lost Tombs. Tales Told By Enigmatic Mummies gathers together six cases examining in detail the evidence for the identity of Royal Mummies (including questions over assessments of Age at Death, and DNA studies). Ancient True Stories comprises an intensive exploration of the stories behind the documents relating to The Harem Conpiracy Against Ramesses III; Tombrobberies; and the strange circumstances of the Death of Hadrian’s ‘favourite’, Antinous, in the Nile. A final section concerns the true story of The Cursed Play in the Valley of the Queens.

Identifying the Royal Mummies Part 4 of Refugees for Eternity, The Royal Mummies of Thebes; looks at each method used to ascertain the identity of a royal mummy, and then weighs up the evidence for and against each mummy in turn.

My original booklet from 2002/3 updated and greatly expanded, to cover all the expeditions in search of the site; the investigations and excavations; the nature of the labyrinth; and the various attempts at reconstructing this great, lost building. New insights and ideas are added, as is addtional coverage of Lake Moeris and the Faiyum (and other sites) in general, with special emphasis on the Middle Kingdom.

A very thorough discussion of all the evidence relating to the discovery and clearance of this remarkable cache-tomb. The study benefits from the work of the recent clearance of the tomb, including accurate plans and diagrams, illustrations, notes on finds etc.

A number of articles which have been previously published, appear here in full/unedited form – often much expanded with new/additional information; and also some which are entirely new. Including: Why Sinuhe Ran Away; Great Expeditions to God’s Land & Punt; Adoption, Inheritance, and Freedom; Strong Man: Wrong Tomb, The Problem of Belzoni’s Sarcophagi; Emile Brugsch and the Royal Mummies at Bulaq; The Death of Three Kings on the Battlefield: Seqenenre Ta’o, Seneb Kay, and Richard III; The Mummy in the Nile; Tales of the Tombs of the Thutmose Three; The Modern History of KV34; The Lost Tomb of Thutmose II – is it intact? Did Tutankhamun Conceal Nefertiti in KV62?; Sun Ra and Egypt; For Whom the Sun Doth Shine – Nefertari Mery en Mut & Isitnofret; The Wadi Hammamet Signalling System; The Throne of Hatshepsut; and more…