Posted December 3rd, 2009 by admin


I owe my taste for touring historical monuments to my parents who took us boys to North and South Wales to visit the castles; Hadrian’s Wall to see the Roman frontier; Orkney and Shetland to see the Neolithic Monuments etc. Whilst an impoverished student, and also when first in work, I spent my vacations digging on Roman sites at Wroxeter, Colchester, and Silchester. In 1980 – as soon as finances allowed – I joined a three-week trip round Syria, Jordan, and Iraq with Hann Overland. Work took me briefly to centres such as Rome, Venice, Monte Carlo, Majorca, and Menorca, and I continued historical explorations with holiday trips to Morocco, Egypt, and Eastern Turkey. Further self-planned trips to Crete and Tunisia followed.

From the end of the 1990s my growing focus on Ancient Egypt led me to join itineraries that sought out sites and monuments around that country e.g. the Oases and Eastern Desert, and to start to design and lead tours with itineraries pursuing specific topics, e.g. Pyramids and Faiyum, and then Pharaohs of the Sun, which established my working relationship with Ancient World Tours. I have continued to work with AWT, leading tours both of my own design and from their brochure, and also on my own account, to Egypt, Turkey, Rome, and Crete; the latest (May 2017, being to Jordan).