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PHARAOH and AUGUSTUS:  ROME & Environs September 2015.

Please note: this tour is now definitely running.

 10 days/9 Nights for £880. Departing: Thursday 17th September 2015

In this tour we plan to explore many of the great monuments and museums of Rome – including the many obelisks and Egyptian collections to be found in the historic city. Three included day trips take us to Palestrina, to view the famous Nile Mosaic at the museum in the Barberini Palazzo; to Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli; and to the extensive ancient city and museum at Ostia Antica.

Departing: Thursday 17th September 2015, at 16.25 from London Heathrow Airport.

Arriving Rome Fiumicino Airport 20.00.

Shuttle transfer to Executive Rome Hotel (4*), Standard Room, B&B basis.

Sunday 20th.    Day Trip – Palestrina & Nemi.

Tuesday 22nd.  Day Trip – Hadrian’s Villa & Villa Gregoriana + Estes, Tivoli.

Thursday 24th.Day Trip – Ostia Antica.

Returning: Saturday 26th  September 2015, shuttle transfer to Fiumicino airport for 13.30 flight.

Arriving Heathrow at 15.20.

Price: £880 per person sharing.

            £1200 per person single.

 Deposit: £250. Please pay as soon as possible. It will be fully returnable until we reach 6 bookings, at which point flights and hotel will be confirmed.

Price includes: Flights,  Hotel, and Transfers as above; and private transport for eight hours on each of three day trips to:

1. The Barberini Palazzo (with Nile mosaic) and ruins at Palestrina; and the lake at Nemi, sacred to the goddess Diana, with Roman Boat Museum

2. Hadrian’s Villa and Villa Gregoriana & Estes at Tivoli

3. The extensive site of the port-city at Ostia Antica with museums.

Entrance tickets not included.

Not included: Any meals except hotel breakfast; Entrance fees to sites/monuments; transport around Rome.

Here only the Day Trips out of the city have been specified. A detailed daily itinerary (which is, of course entirely optional) will be issued in due course. It is intended that we will include: The Forum and Palatine; the Colosseum; the Arch of Constantine; St. Clemente excavations inc. Mithraeum; the Baths of Caracalla; the Walls Museum; the Catacombs of St. Sebastian; the Mausoleum and Circus of Maxentius; the Appian Way; The Porta Asinaria; St John Lateran and Obelisk of Thutmose III & IV; the tomb of the Baker; St. Croce in Gerusalem; the Porta Maggiore; the Porta Magica/Nymphaeum of Severus Alexander; St Maria Maggiore;  Trajan’s Column; the Column of Marcus Aurelius; the Obelisk of Psammeticus at Montecitorio; the Pantheon; the Saite Obelisk at Piazza della Minerva; the temple of the deified Hadrian; the Piazza Argentina (place where Julius Caesar was assassinated); The Capitoline Museums; the Palazzo Altemps; the Palazzo Massimo; the Baths of Diocletian; the Forum Boarum; the Arch of Janus; the Obelisk of Seti I & Ramesses II at Piazza del Popolo; the Obelisk of Antinous in the Pincian Gardens; the Ara Pacis; the mausoleum of Hadrian in the Castell St Angelo; the Vatican Museum; the Obelisk of Domitian in the Piazza Navona…and a whole lot more.