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Posted December 3rd, 2009 by Dylan



Identifying the Royal Mummies.

Pt 4 of Refugees for Eternity: The Royal Mummies of Thebes.

Canopus Press 2009.  PB. 200pp + 16pp Illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-9561875-1-2            £20.00 + p&p

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Identifying the Royal Mummies is the first part of Refugees for Eternity to be issued (although it is Part 4) owing to the great interest in the royal mummies.  As the title suggests, the various means by which the identity of a royal mummy may be ascertained, or at least surmised, are discussed and evaluated here, e.g.: Funerary Inscriptions and Dockets, The Royal Pose in Death, Mummification Techniques, Age at Death, and Family Likenesses. The evidence for each individual mummy is then discussed in turn, with particularly detailed discussions on the cases of Ramesses I, Hatshepsut, and the mummies from KV35 (including suggestions of Nefertiti etc.); and extended coverage given to the evidence on the strange Unknown Man ‘E’, and all the theories as to who he was. 

The book is written with the interested non-specialist in mind and is easy to follow, but there are also comprehensive tables looking at aspects of the royal mummies such as mummification techniques, pose, age at death, and extremely detailed coverage of the mummies and coffins from the TT/BD320 and KV35 royal cache tombs – including notes on all the inscriptional evidence - which are helpful to the serious student.

This book allows the reader to assess how strong identifications of royal mummies made by other means, e.g DNA evidence, are likely to be. See the BLOG here for commentary on the latest announcements, which will also be supplied with copies of the book bought through this site.